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Thursday, 2 April 2009

Fraud Shearer back at St James Park

How refreshing to finally see the Toon hero Alan Shearer get his chance to get knifed in the back himself in a similar way to how he has done to previous Newcastle managers.

Those of us that don't view this man through rose tinted glasses can remember that this is the man that caused Ruud Gullit to be sacked when he was Geordie manager, some might argue with good reason - accepted.

It is also the man that scandalously stood by and watched when the flack was flying for a gentleman like Sir Bobby Robson, on numerous occasions he had the chance to speak out and take the heat off Robson but chose not to bother. Sure he would argue that why should he and he would be right to say that. The silence though was defening as Shearer had the clout to speak out and be heard but chose not to and let Robson endure all the venom from press and fans at a time when such a loyal servant to the club deserved far far better treatment than that. A total disgrace in my opinion.

I suppose the loyal Shearer worshipers have conveniently forgot that he did speak out in defence of one former Magpie's boss, that old fans favourite Graeme Souness. Ah yes what was it he said? He was prepared to put off retirement for an extra year and play on as the club was moving in the right direction again, it sure was! Unbelievable.

Then there was Sam Allardyce, would Newcastle be in the mess they are now if they had kept him? I doubt it. The fans didn't like his brand of football though and with the help of their brilliant 'fans fan' chairman they got rid of him for better times. Again Shearer was constantly linked with the job and constantly said nothing. One statement saying he wasn't going to take over no matter what could have released some of the pressure on Allardyce and let him get on with the job - but no, again choosing to let the speculation drag on and undermine Allardyce.

He then refused to work alongside Kevin Keegan, i don't suppose his ego would allow him to be an understudy to a legend as big if not bigger than him on Tyneside. Shearers arrogance is outstanding, even now he is still manipulating the situation to suit himself, does anyone in their right mind believe that he would have took the job on if he had been offered it when Keegan left? If he wanted it all he had to do was say so, there was no way in the world Mike Ashley would have not offered him the job such was his unpopularity at the time, but no Shearer has to wait until now when it is the 'no lose situation for him'. Stay up and he's an even greater hero, go down and he can say not my problem didn't have enough time to turn things around. He can then go back to the MOTD sofa, reputation still intact and undermine the next poor manager who ends up there.

I wonder just what Ruud Gullit, Bobby Robson and Sam Allardyce really think of Shearer, i don't suppose they will ever say as they are men of dignity. What a genious he really is and that is why i suspect he will never get the knife pushed into his back as he is too crafty to get caught like that.

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