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Tuesday, 1 January 2008

Bet365 Free Bet

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The Bet365 free bet currently stands at a market leading £200.00. These days it is a straight forward first deposit sign up bonus up to a maximum of £200.00.

What this means is that Bet365 will give you the same amount of your first deposit, ie, if you deposit £30.00, they will give you £30.00, if you deposit £70.00, they will give you £70.00, and so on.

As the maximum amount is £200.00, we will want to be depositing £200.00 to get our hands on the full amount, this would then give us a bet365 betting bank of £400.00.

The terms and conditions of the Bet365 free bet state that the whole amount (£400.00 in our case) has to be rolled over three times before it can be withdrawn. While this is a pain in the backside, it isn't the worst case scenario.

All we need to do is keep matching the bets up on Betfair. So basically if we back Manchester United to win on Bet365, we lay Manchester United on Betfair. That way we don't lose any of our money.

In an ideal world, Manchester United wouldn't win, which would mean our money would end up in our Betfair account, and meaning we could withdraw it immediately, should we wish.

To cash out the full Bet365 free bet amount you would need to keep following the same process as above until you have either rolled over the £400.00 three times, or the money has transferred into your betting exchange/Betfair account.

This process is called mathced betting, and in my view it is the best way of making guaranteed money from the online bookmakers' free bets.

When placing free bets from Online Bookmakers always make sure you are fully aware of what you are doing and that you have read and understand the terms and conditions. It is the aim of this site to bet free, or as close to free as possible,  using free bets is one easy method of achieving this.

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