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Thursday, 9 October 2008

Surprise Surprise Stanford T20 gets go-ahead

Am i only person that is thinking the publicity of the recent court case about the T20 match between the West Indies and England is a hassle that Allen Stanford wanted? Maybe i'm a cynic but there is an old saying that any publicity is good publicity. Is Allen Stanford a multi-billionaire really that naive to try to push out Digicel's name from the match and get away with it or was it all an elaborate scheme to generate yet more publicity for the upcoming fixture and more importantly brand Alan Stanford!

This is the man who landed his helicopter on the nursery ground and then announced to the world that test cricket bored him, it didn't take to long for the truth to emerge that the game is merely a vehicle to promote his own name and brand and to turn him into a world wide brand name. I can't help thinking this is just the latest scheme in the bigger overall plan that he is using cricket for.

Cricket should put the games interest in front of the pound signs in it's eyes, it's all well and good the ECB taking the money to keep the big names happy and away from the IPL, buts whats to stop them doing both further down the line. In my view cricket should be wary of Stanford, as i said above he openly admits to finding test cricket boring and from this assumption i have to believe he dosen't have the best interests of cricket at heart, after all test cricket is the pinicle of the game and shouldn't be allowed to be undermined by anyone no matter how much money they are prepared to throw at it.

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