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Monday, 20 October 2008

Mature Murray improving every day.

How refreshing to see Andy Murray's great form continuing, could it be an improving attitude and dedication to his game that has caused this second half of seasons excellent run? For me it was great to see that after his thrashing by Roger Federer in last months USA open final that instead of whinging about being tired following his two day exertions against Rafael Nadal in his semi he simply just said "That I've got a lot of improving to do if I want to win one of these tournaments", no excuss making just an honest appraisal of where his game was at and that he was simply outplayed by the better man. A great attitude for which he should be applauded, a recognition that he needed to go and train even harder, i don't remember seeing one newspaper article giving him any credit for this.

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Again this week in the aftermath of his win in the Madrid Masters during which he beat Federer again, when asked about closing the gap on the top three he distanced himself from them claiming he's not fit to be mentioned in the same breath as them, another sign of the growing maturity and positive attitude that he still has to work even harder to get on in the game. He went on further to say "I'm still a long way behind them," with Murray these days there dosen't seem to be any satisfaction with being the Worlds number four, no thinking about how well he's done to get here, there seems to be a determination to be better and to catch and pass the top three, i can only applaud him for showing this great attitude to bettering himself and look forward to the day he wins a Grand Slam and tops the world rankings. I think it is about time the press gave credit where credits due.

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